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…Round the clock professional Hospitality

We provide excellent Hotel Administration and Facility Management. We also provide Marketing Solutions and Event Consultancy on demand. We work successfully with a wide range of clients including Small and Medium-size business in the Private Sector as well as the Public Sector and Non-Profit Organization. We help our clients achieve their objectives–from growing revenues and profitability through to improving stakeholder communication and engagement.


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Step 1

Management Services

  • Management of Hotels on contract for a stipulated duration (lease contract)
  • Joint management of Hotels for professionalism and efficient service delivery
  • Development of strategic marketing plan for hotels to encourage patronage and increase revenue generation.
  • Provision of Template for Hotel Administration.

Step 2

Consultancy Services:

  • Hotel Reservation & Booking for Corporate Bodies, Government Agencies, Religious Groups & Non-Governmental Organization.
  • Recruitment of capable professional personnel for hotels
  • Training of hotel personnel for professionalism and efficient service delivery
  • As an industry operator of Hotel Facilities, we provide valuable contributions in various construction stages of Hotel Projects to position it to compete favorably.
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Step 3


Activity 1

  • Maintenance of building fabric (architectural finishing & infrastructure)
  • Maintenance of mechanical equipments, electrical appliances and IT installations
  • Maintenance of office/home furniture and fixtures

Activity 2

  • General cleaning services
  • External works and landscaping
  • Fumigation and Sanitary services

Activity 3

  • Quality assurance management
  • Staff training and development
  • Contract management & administration




  • We take our clients through implementing profitable business development solutions that are focused on delivering results through wining and retaining customers.

  • We guide our clients towards avoiding wasting time and money on untargeted and poorly thought-through marketing communication activity.

  • We assist our clients build sales and profitability based on a marketing strategy that is focused on developing a sustainable relationship with their customers.

  • We add value for our clients by providing real clarity of thinking around who are their Target-Market and solution on Market Entry Strategy so as to successfully compete.
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Corporate & Political

We professionally plan and organize Local, State and Federal functions for different Government Agencies and Parastatals: ranging from (a) Banquet Dinners (b) Seminars & Workshops (c) Political Function (d) Award Ceremonies (e) Public Enlightenment Campaigns (f) Business Conferences e.t.c

Social & Entertainment

We package and deliver “A List Events”: ranging from
(a) Grand Opening
(b) Fashion/Exhibition Shows
(c) New Product Lunch
(d) Charity Fund Raisers
(e) Trade Shows (f) Music Concerts
(g) Fairs/Festivals
(h) Carnivals
(i) Sporting Exhibition and ancillary activities at professional sporting venues. Including Tourism Excursions and Fun-filled Holiday package’s for Hotel.